Brooke Knight

Allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Brooke, I'm the sweet and sexy "girl next door" that you've longed for with a naughty side that you've hoped for!

Gentlemen prefer blondes, and this blonde prefers gentlemen. If you would enjoy a fair-haired beauty with a pleasant personality who likes to please, for a short break in your busy schedule or a whole evening to linger, give me a call. I am beautiful, charming, sweet, smart, caring, and honest. People ofeten describe me as often describe me as bubbly, passionate, and ready to make that special connection. I have a fabulous all-natural figure with the smoothest, silkiest skin you will ever touch. I am an extremely well-groomed, elegant woman who offers a genuine and exciting girlfriend experience to melt all of your cares away. I am five foot four, a hundred and twenty-five pounds, I have blond hair blue eyes.I am currently living in the Las Vegas area and travel.I can always arrange to come visit you privatly as well.Being the down-to-earth girl that I am, (and I also enjoy the finer things in life) my sole focus during our time together is pleasing YOU. Won't you help me?

My hobbies are reading, and taking care of people. I enjoy roses, diamonds, and chocolate.

We can play naughty or nice. I specialize in fetishes, domination, and roll playing.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, you will truly appreciate a session with me - an experience that can only be described as the ultimate!

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